Aug 25, 2009

Great Grandparent's Farm

Saturday we headed to eastern Iowa for my cousin Lindsey's wedding. We made a stop at my Grandpa and Grandma Price's farm. My parents had gone down earlier and taken them out to lunch, so when we arrived at the farm no one was there yet so I snuck in a few shots. I had not been to their place for years, usually meeting up elsewhere, but everything was exactly the same. So quiet and peaceful - makes Dan and I want to move to the country for the solitude of a gravel road.

The kids checking out Great Grandpa's ponies.


Anonymous said...

Did Dan have brain surgery? I have never noticed the enormous bald area on the back of his head. I hope he is recovering well. He might consider a hat.

Autumn said...

oh lovely, my husband has finally learned to comment on our blog. :-)

Rest assured, Dan, you still have a head of thick lustrous hair - that's just the light coming through the trees.