Jul 9, 2009

This one's going places.

She's exploded with sentences in the last few weeks, full thoughts rather than disjointed words. Full questions. Lots of questions. Lots of whys and why nots. And in particular of late, lots of pronouncements that some things are just too hard. Things that, for whatever reason, are very important to this little girl. But, we're grateful for her spirit of hope in the future. :)

" I don't know how to tie my shoes mommy. I tie my shoes when I'm four mommy."

"I don't know how to read mommy. I read when I'm three."
"I don't know how to blow bubbles mommy. (although she's getting close). I blow bubbles when I'm three mommy."

And my personal favorite that popped up yesterday, out of the blue.
"I think I want to go to HyVee (local grocery store) mommy.
I go night night, I wake up, I go to HyVee mommy."
Dream big, hon!


Kylee Thomas said...

your girl knows how to set goals that's for sure!

Julie Wigle said...

I love HyVee too Charlotte!

Autumn said...

the funny thing is, we don't usually shop at HyVee - but she's just sure its a really fun place!