Jul 2, 2009

A Teaser.

I'm sure you're all waiting with baited breath for pictures of our newly repainted master bedroom - ha! It's done, just six or so weeks after I started, except for a few small touch-ups - things take a little longer with two little "helpers." I'll take some pictures later, but here's a little taste, and actually my favorite part of the room now.

Previous owner's shabby chic (?) homemade-ish chandelier. Not quite our style. Check out the paint color combo - salmon and hunter green. And that ceiling, yep, it's sponge painted.

The Before:

The After:
I removed all the doo dads and danglies and "crystals," painted it black, added some new shades and - voila - a brand new look! It's pretty silly how much I love this now. And I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

Someone else likes the new room too! Why I even bother making the bed, I don't know. She had arranged the pillows around her just how she wanted them and was hiding from me. Little stinker.

Have a great Fourth of July weekend!! We have some great friends coming to visit tomorrow and then ~hopefully~ some fireworks on Saturday.


Julie Wigle said...

Love that new chandelier! Great job! :) Have a good weekend!

Kylee Thomas said...

Don't you love what a can of spray paint can do!! Have a happy holiday!

Kevin Sandi Emma said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the room and the colors! Way to go on the crafty chandelier, too! You should be on "Flip This House!"
PS - THANKS so much for all the encouraging comments. I'm trying to be better at commenting on people's blogs! Love yours. Keep it up! It makes me feel like I'm kind of still there. . . kind of.

Betsy said...

Love it! Great job.