Jun 15, 2009

Turns out two weekends in a row with access to an indoor pool turns one little two year old into a little fishy. Charlotte loves the freedom she gets from her water wings - she's floating and jumping around all by herself. It really is awesome to watch because she is so proud of herself.Yes, Cooper, don't worry - we're watching. hee hee
This past weekend we attended the wedding of our friend Shaggy and I think Dan's expression pretty much sums up the experience of taking two little ones. We were grateful for the candy on the tables to keep Charlotte satisfied . . .
. . . until the sugar high began - ha!

(notice the groom's cake with the pheasant feathers, perfect for a hunter)

Shaggy is such a special person and we're looking forward to get to know his beautiful bride, Laurel, better in the future. He actually sang the Lord's Prayer at our wedding almost eight years ago, and his own on Saturday - it was awesome.


Shannon said...

Seriously...I have suffered through countless swim lesson sessions and Zo is STILL scared of the water! You stick water wings on Charlotte and off she goes...not fair! But, still very impressive. Looks like you guys had a fun time!

Julie Wigle said...

Enjoyed seeing you on I-80!! :) Looks like a fun and tiring time. I know how that goes...I was wishing we were stopping at that rest area too! :) Love, Julie