May 3, 2009

"It's a Dino mommy!"

We spent some time walking around campus, including going to Reiman Gardens. Not many of the outdoor gardens were blooming, except the amazing tulips, but it was still neat to see.
This was actually my first time there, despite living in Ames for over five years. This season, the gardens are doing a dinosaur theme - which Charlotte loved! There were big and little dinosaurs hidden all around the gardens.

Nested near this dino statue was a goose and, what you can't see, with six little cute goslings. Momma goose was not happy we were there. She started flapping her wings - maybe she was trying to scare away those pesky dinos!


Betsy said...

NO WAY!!! We were there on Saturday-when did you go? The tulips were gorgeous, weren't they? Check out my blog, I will post pictures soon.