May 10, 2009


I hope all the mothers, grandmothers, and mother-in waiting had a great Mother's Day! We had a great family weekend. Yesterday morning Charlotte literally woke me up with a "Happy MahDur's Day MOMMY!!!!" and a cute little flower she had gotten on a secret trip down to the florist on the corner with Dan. Dan said she picked out the flower and a candle all by herself and when one of the salespeople handed her a balloon for herself, Char said, "no, for mommy." Ahh.

But perhaps the best gift - Charlotte has given up the pacifier once and for all!! We lost the last one and, after seeing Dan and I hunt for it to no avail, she seemed to accept that it was gone for good. She didn't even ask for it today. So hopefully this picture is the last one I take with a paci in it (because Cooper dosen't take one).

crawling into Cooper's crib last week - funny how she likes it now to play in with her brother but never liked it as a baby

*Charlotte, dear child, don't hate me when you're old enough to understand, but I did find your paci later but kept it "lost." ;)


Kevin Sandi Emma said...

I loved your postcomment. . . I was wondering if you'd really lost the pacifier. Then you confessed! You're funny and I'm sure Char will forgive you when she's older:) I'm missing playgroup and fun American moms:( Can I come home for playgroup tomorrow??