May 7, 2009

First Time in the Exersaucer.

I'm not so sure about this.

It's okay Bubbie, let me show you the toys.

Check out Char's war paint for the day - little incident with a blue marker.
Also, this sorta makes me laugh because it shows how kids kinda' take over your house - exersaucer, bouncy seat, swing, car seat, oh and Char's homemade cardboard clubhouse!


Kylee Thomas said...

oh my, cooper really looks like dan in those pics!!!

amanda said...

please don't think this is weird, but i was totally thinking about you a few days ago...and then you showed up!!

i am sooo excited to get caught back up!! the kiddos are beyond adorable and sooo big!!

so glad to see all is well in your world friend - you have been missed!

Shannon said...

Where is the time going?? It feels like Cooper was born yesterday! Maybe we will see you at Race for the Cure tomorrow?? :)