Apr 7, 2009

Things I learned today...

- Scary, BIG, collar-less black labs that are approaching you and your two cuties on your afternoon walk are indeed frightened of the mommy stare down. I was ready to rumble, the dog knew it.

-Grape skins don't get fully digested when said grapes are ingested by the handful by a little grape-addicted two year old. Don't ask.

-Once you start "tweaking" your blog page, it's hard to stop. I need some sort of 12 step program. (Julie: I'll post some links to the tutorials I found helpful)

- to not go back to the mall portrait studio that shall remain nameless because a) you already said you weren't going to go back and you should remember why; b)you will only get three rather poor choices to choose from out of a 40 minute session; and c) the "photographer" doesn't understand a baby's world at all (i.e., work fast, take lots of pictures, oh and actually try to make the baby smile). In fact, I think Charlotte is better at taking pictures:
(her latest shot of mommy and Bubbie)